Half a century of homeopathy in Europe

Jacques Imberechts passed away the 2 November 2020, at the age of 83, after a life fully  committed to medicine and homeopathy.

His exemplary career is for us  the opportunity to analyze the past half-century, and to considere the challenges homeopathy faced within the medical world. Because Jacques’ path, in addition to being a personal adventure, embodies the major developments which led to a future-oriented homeopathic thinking.

Outstanding clinician, trained by Pierre Schimdt in Geneva, his practice very popular for his many patients welcomed students who wanted to benefit his profound knowledge of semeiology and homeopathic materia medica. Jacques was one of the first teachers at the  « Ecole belge d’Homéopathie » and member of the « Société Royale Belge d’Homéopathie ».

Polyglot globe-trotter, he extended his scope to the entire world, teaching in Spain, for example, for free, has long as he was hosted, to share his knowledge and experience the widest possible way.

He used to say “you must feed the cow”, meaning homeopathy has given you so much you must give it back your work and spread it. That is what he did, creating the working group  “Homeopathia Europea” which originated the cases collection programme Clificol (Clinical Files Collection) associated with Radar software, which still works and is currently actively involved in collecting data on Covid 19 patients being treated by homeopaths in the world.

Founding father of the  European Committee for Homeopathy  he chaired for long, and then supported and followed closely all over the years, he was also the president of the  Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis which he always supported as well. Jacques strongly believed solidarity and exchanges between homeopathic physicians were key factors.

Just recently he called for even closer cooperation with veterinarian homeopathic colleagues, and moreover for the inclusion of working groups involving agronomists, exploring the newly developed concept of agrohomeopathy, in our midst.

Passionate advocate of freedom to prescribe, freedom to think and independency towards financial powers, he expressed his positions with his cheeky humour, his strenght and his provocative intelligence, closed to his truth, ignoring the convoluted decorum.

All those who knew him keep the strong memory of a man of conviction and commitment, a joyful bon-vivant, a humanist and a visionary, endearing even if sometimes untenable character .

He was a great sir of homeopathy and his impulse will support us in the coming times of sanitary and human challenges.

Dr Hélène Renoux, ECH President

Tributes to Jacques Imberechts from all over Europe


Jacques, who was fluent in Spanish, had a very important role in the development of homeopathy in Spain in the last century. He helped to set up the

Homeopatia Europea groups, which trained many Spanish medical homeopaths in the 1970s and 80s. Jacques also supported the Spanish homeopaths in the treatment of the victims of the Toxic Oil Syndrome, a 1981 outbreak caused by contaminated colza oil which killed over 600 people in Spain. Jacques was always a source of inspiration, strength and wisdom.


Dr Jaume Costa MD, MFHom (Med) (Ireland)



I really loved him! I have very good “souvenirs” of him – he was a very very good Human being!

My dear Jacques, I miss you!


Francisco Patrício (Portugal)



Dear all,

I remember him singing during our dinner.

He was full of imagination and totally involved in his ECH BABY.

I will miss him.

Florence Paturel (France)



Jacques was wonderful. And I can´t imagine any ECH meeting without him.

My biggest memory for him is, when he told me about thoughts of Jan Hus, Czech medieval theologist and philosopher…

Deep condolence for his family and whole homeopathic family!

Also by name of board of Homeopathic Medical Association

Jaroslav Cupera (Czech Republic)



Jacques has played a big role in the development of homeopathy in Europe.

In a small book by Jean Lansmanne about dilutions (in French, a must read) he wrote in the preface:

“In the last 45 years I have been around in the world of homeopathy, there has been one of my phrases that makes me unpopular with my colleagues: it is when I say they have to be diligent farmers. A good farmer feeds his cows properly before taking its milk. Sadly, there are too many homeopaths who milk homeopathy without feeding it.”

Edward de Beukelaert (Belgium)



It is very sad to have lost Jaques both for the homeopathic world and for ECH. His figure made tenderness and respect. His great love for the profession prompted him to attend ECH meetings until he made it.

We’ll miss him

Tiziana Di Giampietro (Italy)



Peace and Light to the soul of Jacques Imberechts

Besides everything he did for ECH and LMHI he has helped many  homeopaths to understand what it means to feed the cow:) and to work for the community.

We  are very thankful for the help our Association  got from him before we became ECH members and after that!

Dora Pachova (Bulgaria)



The ECH Subcommittee Documentation goes back to Jacques Imberechts. He initiated the very first meeting in Brussels. In the beginning he attended the working meetings of the Subcommittee and gave his professional input as a homeopathic physician in the creation of the ECH Homeopathic Thesaurus.

Margaret Wyllie (UK)



I first met Jacques Imberechts when he was Chair of the  ECH Pharmacology and Pharmacopoeia sub-Committee  in the 1990s.  Initially, our relationship was very formal but as the years rolled by, we became very comfortable in each other’s presence and indeed developed a warm and jovial friendship.  When I became Chair of  ‘his’ subcommittee  and a member of Council, we changed the name  to  the much simpler ‘Pharmacy’.  I think  Jacques did not really approve, but nevertheless joined us on many occasions, wandering into the meeting, contributing a few comments, often about the inconsistency of Pharmacopoeial standards, and then wandering out again, to the amusement (and in some cases, confusion) of members. Nobody minded (much)!   I can recall having many interesting discussions during General Assembly weekends in Brussels and beyond. I  found him to have an engaging presence –  and a fine selection of bow ties.  We last met   at the 70th LMHI Conference in Rio, and enjoyed  a short chat about old times.    Such characters are few and far between in homeopathy these days! Adieu Jacques.  Repose en paix

Kind regards


Dr Steven Kayne (UK)



Dear Marie Laurence,

on behalf of ECH SC pharmacy, we would like to send our sincere condolences!

Jacques often attended our SC meetings, he initially complained about the renaming from Subcommittee pharmacology to Subcommittee pharmacy, but in the end he seemed happy with our work. Satisfied, he bobbed his stick and we also enjoyed having a drink with him …

We commemorated him this weekend at the ECH meeting pharmacy and General Assembly.

Rest in peace, dear Jacques


Ilse Muchitsch Mag. pharm. (Austria)