ECH Accredited Teaching Centres

Homeopathy requires special knowledge and skills for doctors and pharmacists.  Owing to a different definition of health, however, the therapeutic objective as well as the practical approach to illness differs widely in homeopathy as compared to conventional medicine.

Practitioners should be able to combine their knowledge and skills in homeopathy with their knowledge and skills in the practice of conventional medicine. They will, therefore, be a fully qualified practitioner additionally trained in homeopathy, and qualified to integrate homeopathy into patient care within the context of general practice, conventional specialist practice or full-time homeopathic practice.

The ECH confers accreditation on Teaching Centres if their teaching programme and examinations comply with the requirements as laid down in the ECH Medical Homeopathic Education Standards / Guidelines for the Training of Homeopathic Pharmacists and European Diploma in Homeopathic Pharmacy. The accreditation regulations can be found here. Accreditation remains valid for a period of 6 years and is renewable.


Maintaining Information

Accredited Teaching Centres can be found in the countries listed above. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, please contact ECH if you have questions about any of the details shown.