Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy

Clinics Vol 78, January–December 2023, 100255

Marcus Zulian Teixeira MD, BC Homeopathy; PhD, Medical Sciences; Professor, Fundamentals of Homeopathy, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo; Member, Technical Chamber for Homeopathy, Regional Medical Council of the State of São Paulo (CREMESP, Brazil)

Key points

  • Homeopathy is based on four scientific premises.
  • Pseudosceptics deny these premises and any scientific evidence that proves them.
  • The dossier describes hundreds of clinical and experimental studies in homeopathy.
  • It demystifies the fallacy that there is no scientific evidence for homeopathy.

Upon discussing homeopathy in various settings, the authors often find that people react with mistrust, and raise doubts about its scientific grounds and therapeutic validity. Widely disseminated in the mass media, in indistinct and reiterated manner, the fallacy – or post-truth – asserting “there isn’t scientific evidence for homeopathy” is incorporated into the collective subconscious, thus serving as a strategy to increase prejudice and radicalize postures against this bicentennial medical approach.

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