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Homeopathy can provide long-term healing

“I kept dispensing the same conventional medicine every time, for the same patient with the same recurring problem. I felt inadequate – is that all I could do for my client?” Dr Edward De Beukelaer, homeopathic veterinary surgeon, talks about how he first got into homeopathy. He praises the ability of conventional medicine to make excellent diagnoses and treat acute cases, but finds that it doesn’t have the ability to heal in the long term, and that’s where homeopathy fits in. He believes both are complementary and each has their place.

March 2023


I’m a homeopath – I have another way to treat patients

“I’m a homeopath – I have another way to treat patients. Patients can choose this technique and improve their health.” Dr Gergana Aleksandrova tells us how she started practicing homeopathy, and how it helps her patients, as well as herself and her family, to have better health. She believes homeopathy is the medicine of the future.

November 2022


After a few months of being a General Practitioner, I thought, ‘Is this all…?’

“Nobody told me that these drugs were just there to suppress symptoms, instead of curing people from their illnesses.” Dr Ton Nicolai, Secretary General of EUROCAM, talks about why he first started to look at alternatives to traditional medicine, and describes in his own words what homeopathy is.

November 2022


Homeopathy gave a new meaning to my commitment as a medical doctor

Past President of ECH Dr. Hélène Renoux is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler and describes how she first became interested in homeopathy and speaks about the establishment and work of ECH.

January 2020


Homeopathy? A matter of microdose pharmacology!

Homeopathic dilutions of substances always contain a concentration of active drug molecules of the order of nanograms per milliliter, enormously higher than expected. The results of Bellare have been confirmed by numerous other laboratories using different substances and different investigation techniques. This discovery completely reverses the perspective, returning to homeopathy the dignity of science and supporting the theory of Prof. Andrea Dei of the Chemistry Department, University of Florence, acting as conductor of the seminar.

From Siomi’s 20th Anniversary Conference, 15-17 March 2019, Florence


Belgian young people protest for climate and homeopathy in Brussels

Short clip from Homeopathy BE on Youth Climate and Homeopathy, February 2019


The State of Research in Homeopathic Medicine and Understanding the Biological Basis for Homeopathic Remedy Responses

Foremost homeopathic researchers and physicians, the late Dr Peter Fisher and Dr Iris Bell in a webinar at an event organised by American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) for faculty, students and alumni of George Washington University’s School of Medicine (one of America’s oldest medical schools).

September 2017