We are deeply saddened to report that Chris Day died peacefully on 19 April after battling  heart failure for some months. It was Chris who instigated the veterinary involvement with the Faculty of Homeopathy, creating the veterinary course and being one of the first recipients of the VetMFHom qualification. He was Veterinary Dean for over thirty years. The Veterinary homeopathic profession owes its existence to Chris’s work. He was also a founding member of the BAHVS and the IAVH and we will miss him deeply.

Only 10 days before his passing he called me, worrying about a patient he had been following up.  At the same time, he disclosed that he had been discharged from hospital to die at home. His clients came to see me after he was taken into hospital. That was Chris – always working, always generous, always trying to do the best for his patients.

The announcement of his death has been followed by a flurry of testimonials from veterinary homeopaths from all over the world. What better tribute than to let them speak in memory of Chris?

Thank you, Chris, for all you did for homeopathy.

Edward de Beukelaer

We all know the contribution he made to BAHVS and Veterinary homeopathy over his lifetime. He was one of a small group of homeopathic vets along with John Saxton, George McLeod and Frances Hunter in the 60’s and 70’s that kept the flame alight and made veterinary homeopathy what it is today. There can’t be any of us who haven’t benefited from his teaching and experience during our own homeopathic journeys and it seems almost inconceivable that he is no longer with us.

I know I have greatly benefitted from his teaching and books – this is a huge loss to the homeopathic community.

A sad day for the veterinary homeopathic community. A much-loved and revered man as well as an outstanding teacher of homeopathy. He will be greatly missed.

Back around 1992, he spoke at the AHVMA conference, and I took a post-conference class with him.  He is the reason I started down the homeopathic path. What a kind person!

I met Chris in many IAVH congresses, and it was a pleasure when he came to my town at the invitation of a small group of Italian colleagues. He was a kind and wise man, and a great homeopathy vet. May the earth be light to him.

When I started my carrier in Homeopathic Vet Medicine in the early 80’s; he was one of our favourite teachers. His book “The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals” helped a lot of colleagues to start Veterinary Homeopathy. I will always remember him as a kind, devoted and honourable man.

He was a pioneer and a man of convictions. May his work live on in all of us who felt his influence.

Meeting Chris at conferences over 3 decades was always a highlight. His humour, kindness and positivity matched his dedication to high-quality classical veterinary homeopathy and makes him unique as a person and teacher. There is no sadness but much joy to have known Chris as a friend and dear colleague.

Like many others, my journey into homeopathy started with Chris and his book, which motivated my move to the UK from NZ to study homeopathy with a fellow veterinarian.  Thank you, Chris, for being strong and standing up for what you believed in, for making the world a better place and inspiring many others to follow a similar path. You will be missed, and I have no doubt that your good work continues in your next journey. Love and light to Chris’s family.