CAMDOC, the alliance of the European Committee for Homeopathy, the European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine (ECPM), the International Council for Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA), has published several joint documents.

Model Guidelines for the Practice of CAM by Medical Doctors in the EU
This report is aimed to develop model guidelines for the use of official medical licensing bodies in educating physicians who use CAM in their practices, and/or those who co‐manage patients with licensed or otherwise state‐regulated CAM providers and regulating their practice.
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Complementary Medicine (CAM) – Its current position and its potential for European healthcare 
This report describes the phenomenon of CAM, citizens’ motives for choosing CAM and the benefits of CAM and integrated medicine.

The regulatory status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for medical doctors in Europe
This report is a preliminary description of the current regulatory status of CAM in the EU member states. It is based on data provided by their national member organisations.

EUROCAM, a platform of the entire CAM sector in the EU, uniting European umbrella organisations of patients, physicians and practitioners, including the ECH, has published the following document:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – CAM 2020
This booklet, provided by the associations of CAM doctors, patients and practitioners, united in EUROCAM, provides information on the practice and availability of CAM across the European Union, and priorities for action to enable CAM to fulfil its potential to contribute to the healthcare of citizens all over Europe.
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