The ECH recognises that high-quality health care depends on high standards of education. This is as true for homeopathy as for any other medical discipline and the Education Subcommittee works to support training organisations throughout Europe in the attainment of the best possible standards of education for homeopathy.


Over many years, our expert panel has worked with the ECH and its other subcommittees to develop the Medical Homeopathy Education Standards, for the ECH & LMHI affiliated schools. These standards provide an agreed framework for high-quality education and they are a training benchmark for safe and effective homeopathic practice by qualified medical practitioners.

Our curricular frameworks and examination standards are compliant with recognised standards in modern adult education. This ensures parity with organisations providing higher education and ensures the ongoing availability of homeopathic courses at several European Universities.


Quality assurance is an important part of the Education subcommittee’s work and is central to the accreditation of ECH teaching centers.


The ECH education subcommittee represents a wide spectrum of expertise. This has allowed us to harmonize many of the essential prerequisites for training in homeopathy and establish our core standards for education. However, over and above our accreditation responsibilities, we also aim to support our affiliated schools by providing guidance and developing a bank of shared resources. These include e-learning modules (under development) and support for teacher training within our “Sharing Teaching Experience” project.


Education is a dynamic and on-going process. The members of the Subcommittee welcome any input you may have concerning education-related topics, such as teaching methodology, the incorporation of research and evidence into teaching programmes, improvement of communication between teachers and students, educational delivery and design (including e-learning) and any other activities with relevance to the education of homeopathic doctors.

Please use the link to contact us for your questions or suggestions.

The subcommittee meets twice a year, as part of regular ECH meetings with other Subcommittees. If you are interested in joining the work of our committee, please contact the coordinator who can arrange a preliminary visit to one of our sessions.


Dr.  Dora Pachova

Str. Ilarion Makariopolski Nr. 2

Sofia 1202