Homeopathic practice

The Ministry of Health has released a draft complementary and alternative Medicine regulation about 14 different approaches, including homeopathy, in October 2014. Regarding this regulation only MD’s and dentists can provide homeopathic treatment. MD’s must complete 350 hours of education and the MoH Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department holds an exam to give the additional qualification “homeopath”. After 210 hours education pharmacist can have a certificate as homeopathic consultant pharmacist after an exam also. The standards for the education program were released in October 2015.  The homeopathy courses can only be organised in universities with CAM practice centres as part of the continued medical education program.

Homeopathic medicines
The selling, producing and importing of Homeopathic remedies are legal but the Turkish Medicines and Devices Agency have not yet granted permission for a homeopathic remedy.

Member Associations in Turkey

Klasik Homeopati Derneği
Classical Homeopathy Association
Kültür mh. 1388 sok. No:6 :D:2
Alsancak, 35220 Izmir
E-mail: altunaysoylemez@yahoo.de

Medical Society for Homeopathy
Emektar Sok. No 24/5 Gümüşsuyu Istanbul
+90 212 2449204+90 535 0824409