Homeopathic Practice

The Healers Act No 34/2005 of 11 May 2005 – Lög um græðara -, amended by Act No 88/2008, article 233 is aimed to conduce to the quality of healers’ health-related services and the safety of those who seek or use such services. Healers’ health-related services means services generally practised outside the general health system, based more upon tradition and experience than on empirical scientific findings. Such service includes, among other things, treatment with the aim of improving health, relieving pain, reducing discomfort and promoting healing.

In accordance with this Act a voluntary registration system for healers has been established under the supervision of the Federation of Icelandic Healers. The register includes providers who have had a basic health education, have accomplished practical training under supervision, hold current indemnity insurance. The providers are self-regulated through their member associations.

Only certified health care professionals are allowed to treat serious diseases and disorders, including communicable diseases that are regarded as hazardous to public health (according to law). Non-medically qualified practitioners may treat patients when treatment takes place in cooperation or consultation with the patient’s medical doctor.

Homeopathic Medicines
EU legislation does not apply to Iceland, because it is not a member of the European Union. No further information as yet.