Homeopathic practice

Both medical doctors and non-medically qualified practitioners are allowed to practise homeopathy. There is no law restricting the practice of CAM therapies nor is there any regulation of CAM therapies in place.  This means that anyone may provide services through their business or trade.

Practitioners who are not statutorily regulated healthcare practitioners are practising under the “Law of national classification of services” established by the Croatian Government on 31.5.2007. A separate code has been established for registration of practitioners practising “Other services for health protection”, under the “National classification of services”. In 2002 the designation was termed “85.14 Other services of human medicine”; in 2007 changed into “86.9 Other services for health protection”.

Homeopathic medicines
No reliable data available as yet.

Member Associations in Croatia

Hrvatsko homeopatsko medicinsko društvo
(Croatian Homeopathic Medical Society)
Matice Hrvatske 100
2100 Split
e-mail: homed.info@gmail.com