The new Harmonised Homeopathic Provings Guidelines are based on the structure and contents of the Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH), and reprocessed and amended for the requirements of homeopathic drug provings.

Since July 2014 the ECH Guidelines and the Guidelines for Provings of the International Medical Homeopathic League LMHI have been harmonised in order to arrive at a world-wide document that reflects the current expert opinion on best practices regarding homeopathic provings.

You can download the French and Spanish translation of the new guidelines as well.

These guidelines will certainly stimulate debate, criticism and comment. Therefore, a revised version of the guidelines that considers all these reactions will be published by ECH and LMHI in the first half of 2016. All stakeholders who wish to comment these guidelines are welcome to submit their reaction. Click here to e-mail to the coordinator of the Subcommittee for Provings.

Audience of the guidelines

The intended audience of these harmonised proving guidelines includes:

  • Principal Investigators and sponsors
  • Ethical review boards
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Scientists
  • Publishers and editors of scientific journals
  • Homeopaths who will apply provings in their practice
  • Proving participants

The aim of the provings guidelines is to lay down a framework outlining the minimum criteria which have to be covered in a protocol for a good homeopathic proving. It describes criteria for the conduction of provings, serving as a basis for quality control of provings with respect to the completeness of documentation (according to a defined check list) and continuing education for doctors and supervisors involved in provings.

The former ECH Guidelines and a French translation, that exist since 2004 are archived for reference purposes, since the new harmonised guidelines are now officially in the public domain. In addition, the ECH minimum criteria have been worked out in the form of a checklist along the Guidelines.