Welcome to the Agrohomeopathy Symposium

Come along and learn about this exciting new field of study

You are invited to attend the Agrohomeopathy Symposium.  Agrohomeopathy is an interesting new development in homeopathy. Here are some reasons why you might want  to attend the discussions:

  • we are living in times of climate change and increased pollution with plants and crops being more and more affected, thus affecting the food of animals, humans and their overall general health;
  • the treatments usually applied in agriculture are in themselves toxic and contribute to increased pollution.

Agrohomeopathy can bring salutary solutions, providing a means to treat plants with low doses of substances with no toxicity and also offering important economic advantages due to low costs, increased yields and a better quality of harvest.

Another important aspect of agrohomeopathy is the prompt response that plants have when treated with homeopathic products, meaning that both farmers and homeopaths have good reasons to use homeopathy in agriculture, as the results can be convincingly: farmers obtain efficient and sustainable results and homeopaths obtain new evidence of the validity of their method.

Specialists in agrohomeopathy have to answer a set of important questions, as the agrohomeopathic method is still developing and needs more clarification, based on latest scientific developments:

  • which homeopathic products are better to be used and when?
  • do we need a different Materia Medica and method of case analysis?
  • are there any particular conditions which show what method to prefer?
  • which potencies are best and how to choose them?
  • are there differences between the efficacy of the treatments in the laboratory and in the field?

Let us meet both as speakers, specialists in various domains (agronomists, agrohomeopaths and homeopaths and participants coming from other areas of interest), together with potentially interested participants, who look for the advantages of agrohomeopathy for their business, eg agricultural, safe food production. Participate in this very exciting event and be part of the beginning of the fascinating discipline of AGROHOMEOPATHY in Europe!




Leoni Villano Bonamin

Francesco di Lorenzo

Giovanni Dinelli PhD

Leonardo Faedo

Ileana Rîndașu, MD, PhD

Prof Dr Radko Tichavsky




Moderator: Ileana Rîndașu
Time keeper: Cristal Klopstock


13.30 Introduction Jean Pierre Jansen
13.40 / 14.00 Holohomeopathy: a systemic vision of the application of homeopathy in agriculture – theoretical aspects


Radko Tichavsky
14.10 / 14.20 Practical aspects and case examples


Radko Tichavsky
14.25 / 14.45 Agrohomeopathy: new perspectives for the agricultural sector


Giovanni Dinelli
14.55 Break
15.15 / 15.35 Systemic Agrohomeopathy: Field Experiences

in Italy


Francesco Di Lorenzo
15.45 / 16.05 Exposure of Artemia salina to glyphosate and bioremediation by isotherapy: putative mechanisms involving electric patterns of water


Leoni Bonamin


16.15 / 16.35 Pest management of Eriosoma lanigerum  with agrohomeopathic treatment


Ileana Rîndașu
16.45 / 17.05 Advances in the agricultural research in the uses of the high-dynamized dilutions: homeopathy as a means to build up sustanable agriculture


Leonardo Faedo
17.15 Final Q&As All


17.25 Close of meeting Jean Pierre Jansen