The first English version of the Homeopathic Thesaurus was published in 1998 and a first multilingual edition with keyterms translated into French and German followed in 2002. The third multilingual edition saw the integration of an Italian translation and the addition of new keyterms and scope notes. In 2016 we published this fourth multilingual reprint edition.

The thesaurus has a hierarchical tree structure with terms fitting as narrower terms under broad headings. The hierarchical lists (tree structure) give all the terms available.

The terms are also listed alphabetically. The English alphabetical list gives an explanation of each term, its synonyms and related terms, and the broader and narrower terms next to it in the hierarchy.

This work should be used only for indexing purposes. Keyterms are included in this thesaurus in order to index all types of published literature. A neutral position is taken on whether the concepts are generally agreed to be valid or not, and there is no intention by the authors to give universal definitions.

We invite all indexers to work with this multilingual thesaurus and to use it for indexing documents on homeopathy. Your comments and experiences are welcome for the further revision of the vocabulary.

The multilingual edition can be downloaded here.