Hellenic Classical Homeopathic Dental Association – HCHDA

The HCHDA was established in 2008. Its specific aims and objectives are to encourage high standards of homeopathy in the dental profession, through intensive studying, coordinated research and sharing the knowledge of classical homeopathic healing in the dental field.

The dental homeopath practitioner introduces homeopathic healing potential in the dental procedures to relieve patients and to resolve issues in the oral cavity.

HCHDA facilitates and promotes research and education to improve members’ ability to apply continuously upgraded services in the dental-maxillofacial for the Greek and the European dental patients.

  • Address:  Al. Svolou 44,   PO. 54621, Thessaloniki,  Greece
  • Tel : +30 2310 227275
  • Email: homeodentistry.gr@gmail.com
  • Website: www. homeodentistry.gr