Dear colleagues

Following the early resignations of our President, Dr Hélène Renoux, and our Treasurer, Dr Arlette Blanchy, an online Extraordinary General Assembly of ECH will take place on 21 November 2021 at 10h CET for the purpose of holding by-elections to elect new Council members.  It is important to note that, according to our statutes, the Council then selects the office-bearers from amongst the Council members.

In the interim, the Council has selected Dr Jean Pierre Jansen to be President until the General Assembly of November 2022.  He has been coordinator of ECH’s Provings Subcommittee since 2008.

We wish to increase the numbers on Council so that we can spread the work more evenly and enable ECH to fulfil its role as a dynamic voice for homeopathy in Europe.  We are looking for candidates from ECH from across all disciplines.  In particular, the Council must include a Belgian member to fulfil a requirement of Belgian law.

We hope that some of our colleagues will apply in order to share the work at this crucial time for the further development of homeopathy as a powerful force in healthcare.  We welcome any candidacy from any European country.

Candidates should provide a letter giving their reasons for applying, a short biography, and a letter of recommendation from their national association, or from any other relevant organisation.

Applications should be sent to the secretariat at The deadline for submissions is 1 November.

We very much look forward to involving new members in the ECH Council and helping to take the organisation forward into the future.

Kind regards

Dr Ileana Rindasu – ECH General Secretary

ANNEXE: Requirements for members of ECH Council

ECH Council members should :

  • be committed to the European context
  • be able to work as part of a team and possess managerial abilities
  • have a clear vision of the future of homeopathy in Europe
  • be aware of the plans, actions etc of all subcommittees
  • support each other in our work
  • actively participate in the day-to-day management of ECH
  • attend ECH council meetings