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Homéopathie, bientôt la fin?

Enquête de santé le débat


Homeopathy? A matter of microdose pharmacology!

Homeopathic dilutions of substances always contain a concentration of active drug molecules of the order of nanograms per milliliter, enormously higher than expected. The results of Bellare have been confirmed by numerous other laboratories using different substances and different investigation techniques. This discovery completely reverses the perspective, returning to homeopathy the dignity of science and supporting the theory of Prof. Andrea Dei of the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence, acting as conductor of the seminar.


Belgian young people protest for climate and homeopathy in Brussels 14/02/2019

Short clip from Homeopathy BE on Youth Climate and Homeopathy


Dr Dora Pachova | NHMRC, Release The First Report

Dr Dora Pachova, Director of Edicta – Center for Health and Education in Bulgaria – calls on the Australian NHMRC to release their first report on Homeopathy.


The State of Research in Homeopathic Medicine and Understanding the Biological Basis for Homeopathic

Dr Peter Fisher and Iris Bell MD Ph.D. webinar at an American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) organized event for faculty, students and alumni of George Washington University’s School of Medicine (one of America’s oldest medical schools) September 2017.


European Congress for Homeopathy 2016, Vienna

Slovenian MEP Speaks out in favour of Homeopathy


ECH Spring Meeting 2015, Lisbon

Interview with the ECH President, Thomas Peinbauer

Interview with General Secretary, Hélène Renoux

Interview with Jaume Costa