In 2015, the NHMRC – a leading Australian public research organisation – published a statement which spread worldwide, stating that homeopathy is an ineffective treatment against any condition.

This statement has been largely used and quoted throughout the world to discredit homeopathy.


Following intense public pressure, the NHMRC have finally released their initial report on homeopathy, produced in 2012  but buried until the end of August 2019.

According to the NHMRC Chief Executive Professor Anne Kelso, the previous allegations are to be revised:  “Contrary to some claims, the review did not conclude that homeopathy was ineffective” (CEO Statement, 26 August 2019). 

In effect, the draft 2012 report is far more positive than the second Australian NHMRC Report published in 2015. As stated in its conclusions, the first report found “encouraging evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy” in the treatment of five conditions, including otitis media (ear infections), upper respiratory tract infections in adults, and some of the side effects of cancer treatment. 

The consequences of the misleading second report have been detrimental to the whole homeopathic sector, and have prompted prejudice and caused damage to the development of  homeopathy; access to patients is under threat in many countries. 

The European Committee for Homeopathy – which represents medical doctors across Europe, with an additional qualification in homeopathy – is striving for transparent and trustworthy communication regarding this issue, in the interests both of patient safety and for free access to the treatment of choice.

Further information can be obtained from the Homeopathy Research Institute

HRI is an innovative international charity, created to address the need for high quality scientific research in homeopathy. 

The First Report, “The Effectiveness of Homeopathy: an overview review of secondary evidence” (with covering CEO Statement and NHMRC annotations) can be viewed in full here

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