PROGRAMME OF PRESENTATIONS – Saturday 20 November 2021

Clinical Research

 10.00   Dr Tiziana Di Giampietro – Introduction

10.05   Dr Robbert van Haselen – HomCase Care Medical Record

10.25   Dr Joan Vidal – A Study from Spain

10.45   Dr Yvonne Fok – Clificol: International Research

11.05   Dr Lex Rutten – Research and The Bayesian Method

11.25   Discussion

12.00   Break

The Holistic Network in Italy – An Opportunity for Europe?

12.10   Dr Tiziana Di Giampietro – Introduction

12.15   Dr Alberto Magnetti – Holistic Network: the objectives

12.25   Dr Bruno Galeazzi – Communication and projects between the Medical Order Commissions and the CAM Society

12.35   Dr Francesco Macrì – Links with institutions of National and International Health

12.45   Dr Gino Santini – Network and Connections

12.55   Discussion

13.05   Dr Jean Pierre Jansen, ECH Acting President – Closing Remarks

GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Sunday 21 November 2021

10.00    Opening of the GA by General Secretary, Dr Ileana Rîndașu

10.05    Address by outgoing President, Dr Hélène Renoux

10.15    Address by outgoing Treasurer, Dr Arlette Blanchy

10.20    Address by outgoing Vice-President, Dr Hetty Buitelaar

10.25   Address by Treasurer

10.30    Questions

10.40    Introduction to the Elections by Acting Vice-President, Natalia Tzima

10.45    Candidates’ Presentations

11.00    Break

11.15    Voting Results

11.25    Closing address by Acting President, Dr Jean Pierre Jansen

11.35    Dr Raj Manchanda: Information about the LMHI Colloquium

Please contact your SC Coordinator for times of subcommittee meetings.