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Regulatory status of homeopathy in Serbia

Homeopathic practice

Complementary and alternative medicine in Serbia has been legally regulated since 2005. The new Law on Civil Health Protection (Healthcare Law) includes three articles dealing with alternative medicine. A CAM bylaw to the Healthcare law,Pravilnik o blizim uslovima, nacinu I postupku obavljanja metoda I postupaka tradicionalne medicine, was approved by the Minister of Health in December 2007.

The bylaw lists the following CAM methods as suitable for practice in Serbia:
A. Methods of treatment: Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Bioresonance therapy, Chiropractic, Macrobiotics, Traditional local
B. Methods of health promotion: Apitherapy, Aromatherapy, Chi Gong, Spiritual medicine, Energy medicine, Yoga, Tai chi chuan, others.

According to the bylaw, CAM may be practised only by health workers, i.e. physicians, stomatologists, pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists. CAM is recognised by the national medical association as an additional qualification for medical doctors.

Homeopathic medicines
The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 93/2005 stipulates Rules on Procedure and Requirements for the Marketing Authorization for Medicinal Product Granting, including homeopathic medicinal products.


Member Associations in Serbia

Српско лекарско друштво, Секција за хомеопатију
(Serbian Medical Society – Section for Homeopathy)
11030 Belgrade
tel.: +381-11-6392941



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