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CAM Interest Group meeting 11 October 2011

The need for research into health promotion and CAM

The CAM Interest Group meeting of 11 October 2011 was dedicated to the need for research into health promotion and CAM.
To date, health research has mostly focused on studying diseases and the effect of various therapeutic interventions upon them. Comparable progress in understanding how a state of health can be maintained and how, via prevention and intervention, better health can be attained, needs to be made urgently. CAM can play an innovative role in the context of the enormous personal, social and economic cost of chronic disease and health inequalities. CAM is primarily aimed at maintaining and restoring the persons’ own natural systems for maintaining health and fighting disease, and for sustaining health improvement. For these reasons and given its widespread demand among European citizens, research into its innovative contribution to EU health programmes should have a high priority.

Summary of the meeting
The Contribution of Complementary Medicine to European Public Health - Prof Walach's presentation
View of the Commission
CAM - The research priorities for its use in citizens’ health and healthcare systems reform - background document

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