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EU Commission taking CAM more seriously

A recent meeting in the European Parliament, a joint initiative of the CAM Interest Group – MEPs for CAM and the MAC Interest Group – MEPs Against Cancer, was aimed at presenting CAM as an investment in health.

"Patient empowerment is on the increase. It progressively serves to put patients in the driver's seat – taking charge and control of their own health. Patients often know what treatment works for them, and which healthcare is efficient for their condition. This can include the use of complementary medicine." This statement, given by EU Commissioner Tonio Borg at a recent meeting in the European Parliament, is a clear sign that the EU Commission is taking CAM more seriously.

The conference heard a presentations from range of expert providers and researchers on the growing popularity of CAM with citizens and patients, what characterizes the holistic approach of CAM to patient care, various aspects of the current provision of CAM in the EU and the potential benefits of its integration into health systems.

Other speakers presented recent studies on the economics of CAM. These studies seem to support the proposition that its widespread use and integration could potentially result on cost-savings for health systems.

In their closing remarks Mr Peterle and Ms Pietikäinen, members of the European Parliament, called for the EU to invest more in researching the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of CAM and to take action to resolve the highly confused and inhibiting regulatory situation that currently exists for products, providers and patients.

More information about this conference including presentations of the speakers can be found here.

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