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CAM at EPSO conference in Oslo

CAM will feature as part of the European Partnership for Supervisory Organisations in Health Services and Social Care (ESPO) conference on 16-17 April in Oslo, Norway.

On Friday 17 April there will be presentations related to “Regulation/Supervision of Complementary and Alternative Medicine”:

- (10:45- 11:05) Legal status and regulation of Complementary and Alternative medicine in 27 member states and 12 related countries in Europe, by Solveig Wiesener, CAM, Norway;

- (11:05- 11:25) Alternative and Complementary Medicine in the EU context by Basia Kutryba, president of the Working Group on Patient Safety of the European Union High Level Group ;

- (11:25-11:35) Reflections from WHO on ‘concepts and steps of quality improvement and patient safety for adjustment and application to Traditional and Complementary Medicine’, by Agnes Leotsakos, Programme Lead, Education and Global Capacity Building, Safety and Quality of Care in Service Delivery, World Health Organisation; (by videoconference);

- 11:35-11:45) Reflections from the supervisory perspective on alternative and complementary medicine by prof. Geir Sverre Braut, Norway;

- (11:45-12:00) Discussion and question.

To view the complete programme, click here

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Barcelona celebrates 125 years of homoeopathy

The AMHB, the Academia Medico Homeopatica de Barcelona, will be 125 years old on 18 April 2015. This is an opportunity to increase the visibility of homoeopathy. A one day conference has been arranged to commemorate this occasion. Please follow the link below for more information and registration:


More details

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Harmonised Proving Guidelines - HRI 2015 Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference workshop due to be held ahead of HRI's research conference in Rome, in order to help develop provings guidelines.

Ahead of this year's HRI conference, a pre-conference workshop will be held to facilitate discussion about the revision of provings guidelines, with the objective being to harmonise ECH and LMHI provings guidelines in order to produce a document for best practice.

The workshop represents an excellent opportunity to contribute ideas and comments to help inform revised guidelines - due to be published in 2016.


Click here for more information.

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Doctors aim to improve status of homeopathy in Slovenia

Progress has been made recently to change the status of homeopathy in Slovenia. Current regulations prohibit doctors from practising homeopathy or they will have their medical licences revoked. Requests have been made to the Health Ministry to change these regulations in order to protect doctors who wish to practice homeopathy.

The demand for the restrictions on homeopathy to be lifted was emphasised by a 40-18 vote at the assembly of the Medical Chamber on 17 December. The session involved a productive debate on the topic of homeopathy in general, as well as relating to its status as a medical practice within Slovenia.

During the session, Danica Rotar Pavlič, head of the chamber’s board for expert and ethical issues, revealed the results of a recently-conducted survey of 735 Slovenian doctors, of which there were some interesting points to note. Of those questioned, 55% were opposed to the current regulation, which has seen one doctor being stripped of a medical licence and one doctor receiving a warning since its implementation. In addition, more than 100 doctors in Slovenia are also discretely practising homeopathy alongside their day-to-day practice.

Meaningful discussion about changing the status of homeopathy in Slovenia has been restricted for some time, but was sparked by the German doctor Joachim Gross, who practises at a clinic in Koper, reporting himself to the chamber for dual practice midway through 2014. Homeopathy is utilised by over 45,000 doctors in the EU without legal implications, which highlights homeopathy’s role in the delivery of comprehensive healthcare.

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Homeopathy regulated in Turkey

Homeopathy featured in the Turkish Ministry for Health's release regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicine regulation.

On 27 October 2014 the Ministry of Health released the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulation. Homeopathy is regulated along with 15 other complementary treatments. These include chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, hypnosis, prolotherapy and mezotherapy.

Regarding the regulation and Turkish legislation, only medical doctors and dentists who have additional qualification in homeopathy can treat patients. Homeopathy is limited to use in clinics and hospitals by medical doctors in order to treat certain conditions which are defined in the regulation. Some of these specific conditions include headache, upper respiratory tract infections, sleep disorders, allergy, arthritis, weak immune system, amongst others.

The education of homeopathy can only be provided in universities which also have a treatment clinic for traditional and complementary medicine. Further details around education remain unclear. At the end of December there will be another official meeting in the health ministry with some authorities from the universities and NGO’s where a decision about the teaching hours and course duration will be made. Based on previous meetings it is likely that courses will consist of approximately 500 hours with a duration of around 2 years. 



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