European Commission calls on SPAIN to remove restrictions on imports of homeopathic medicines

The European Commission announced the opening of a sanctioning file to Spain for the restrictions imposed on the entry of homeopathic medicines that are legally marketed in other countries of the European Union, something that Brussels believes violates the rules of free circulation of goods.

The current situation makes it “impossible in practice” to introduce homeopathic products into the Spanish market that are “legally marketed” in other member states, the EU executive said in a statement.

They are considered to be “against EU regulations” on the free movement of goods and the directive on medicinal products for human use.

For this reason, Brussels has sent the Spanish authorities a letter of intent, the first stage of an infringement procedure and which gives Spain an initial period of two months to respond to the situation.

If the first answer does not satisfy Brussels, the EC services could move on to the next phase, a response that would give a two-month ultimatum to the country to resolve the issues, after which, if the infringement persists, the Commission could bring the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union.