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Pharmacy Subcommittee

The remit of the Pharmacy subcommittee comprises the following responsibilities:

  • To support the availability of safe high quality homeopathic medicines
  • To develop a system of reporting suspected adverse reactions and the collation of a data base on this important issue
  • To promote a harmonised system of nomenclature for homeopathic medicines to ensure that there is no confusion over the source material throughout Europe
  • To maintain a consultative function on newly issued pharmacopoeia monographs and legislative documents affecting the availability of homeopathic medicines across Europe
  • To raise the standards of homeopathic pharmacy practice by encouraging the development of appropriate harmonized training programmes for pharmacists and support staff across Europe
  • To analyse the elements contributing to pharmaceutical quality of homeopathic medicines, which could lead to proposals for specific Good Homeopathic Practice and to evidence-based homeopathic pharmacy
  • To stimulate the use of homeopathic treatment by supporting actions from practitioners, pharmacists and patient organisation

After consultation with colleagues worldwide, a Diploma syllabus has been developed to act as a model for a framework containing minimum requirements for training in homeopathic pharmacy. The framework will be published after further consultation with all concerned parties.


Portrait Ilse Muchitsch 2015
Ilse Muchitsch Mag.pharm.

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