Paris Oct 11th to 13th, Discussions in Homeopathy
Homeopathy, therapeutic of the living individual, based on experience ("Experience Based Medicine") All science is defined by an object and
Release the First Report
Sign the petition to release the original Australian report in favour of homeopathy:
ECH&IAVH Symposium 2018
A flexible, innovative format, designed to inspire all whether you discover homeopathy or are an experienced homeopath.
LMHI congress 2018 Cape Town
LMHI 2018 will be hosted in the city of Cape Town also known as the “Mother City” from the 05-08 September
The 98th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress
The 98th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress is being held in Liverpool on Friday 12th - Sunday 14th October 2018 (see 
Flawed Research Used to Discredit Homeopathy
The recent statement by the European Academic Science Advisory Council (EASAC) concludes that there is no scientific evidence for efficacy